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Born in the magnificent City of Lucerne, Switzerland, Caroline Weber works and lives literally in the Swiss Alps. Her work is a Mixed Media blend on canvas, combining digital images and analog painting into new works. She manipulates photos and integrates them into a canvas artwork. Built up in layers of prints and paints. A superimposed, multilayered collage, over-painting and concealing again. All are handmade and original works. Flat surface of pigment, handmade transfer prints and thick acrylic brushwork, gel mediums, varying acrylic patinas, spray paint, pastels, oxidized iron, and collage material (sand, paper, cardboard, cotton fabrics) solidifying with the aid of a binder and ultimately melting together to an artwork.


Works are made in any size on request. All handmade and original. Individually and a little different in editions of max. 10 pieces.

Caroline Weber has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Switzerland. Her work can be found in corporate premises as well as in private collections. She also has an own art gallery, next to her art studio.

Artist statement

My work is a mixed media blend on canvas, combining digital images and analog painting into new works. Manipulating, integrating, superimposing, multilayering, over-painting and concealing again. Layers of print and paint melt together, appear, disappear and sometimes re-emerge. As life itself: showing and hiding memories, has got the ability to forget and mix stories together, sometimes even the future and the past.



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